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Red Oak School District

Y.E.S. Mentoring


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Individual Donors

Our program is supported by individual donations and grant opportunities.  To keep our program up and running, we need the financial support from generous donors such as yourselves.  Loss of money also means loss of opportunities to help meet the needs of children in our community.  Would you consider giving a donation today?  No gift is to too small and every gift is appreciated!  If you would like to invest in this program, please send your donations to:  YES Mentoring @ 904 Broad Street, Red Oak Ia  51566.   And remember, your gift is tax deductible! 



Businesses can donate to our program several ways.  They can donate on a monthly basis, an annual sponsorship, paid volunteer leave for employees, or reduction of fee's or free services


~ Monthly Donation

Currently we are not a 501(c)(3) organization.  However, if your business would like to give into our organization on a monthly basis to offset the costs associated with keeping this program up and running, you may do so!  We are a non-profit organization and all donations can be sent directly to our central office at YES 904 Broad St, Red Oak Ia  51566. 


~ Annual Sponsorship

For an annual gift of $100, area businesses can become sponsors of our program by donating to our t-shirt drive.  All monies given will first cover the cost of purchasing the t-shirts, which are given free of charge to our mentors and their students.  All money left over will then be given directly to the program to help benefit our mentors and their students by providing workshops and helping to provide group activities free of charge.  All sponsors names are printed on the back of the t-shirts.  What a great way to support our program while advertising your business!


~ Paid Leave

Another way businesses can help donate to our program is by providing your employees a paid volunteer service leave.  All mentors involved with YES are required to mentor their student for one hour a week for one year.  Businesses who are willing to offer paid volunteer leave to their employee's as an extra benefit end up benefiting themselves as well.  By offering this benefit to your employees, you are enabling your company to give back to the community and studies show that employees who are given the opportunity to volunteer and give back something positive to their community are happier and more productive.  This is just another way to invest in your employees, your business and your community.  Would you be willing to give one hour of your employee's time to help make a difference in the life of a child, a future resident and possible employee?


~ Reduction of Fee's or Free Services

Businesses can help our program several ways by providing services free of charge or providing services at a reduced rate.  Here are some examples:

1.  Our mentors often times take their students out to eat at one of our local restaurants.  As a business owner or manager, you could provide a reduced meal or a free meal to our mentors or     students.

2.  Normally the students involved in our program do not have the financial means to go to sporting events, see a movie, go to the pool, etc.  You could provide tickets to our mentors, students and/or their families to attend such functions.

3. To help offset the cost of office supplies, you could donate items like - paper, envelopes, postage, etc.


These are just a few examples that your business could offer to help our program, mentors, students and their families.