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Red Oak School District



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Red Oak Middle School ESSA Action Plan

Through the new ESSA legislation that was enacted this year the middle school has been labeled as “Targeted”. Based on our School Performance Profile, the middle school did not meet state averages in the percent of students proficient in reading and math, Conditions for Learning (this was the climate and culture information), or growth for math.  We did not meet state expectations for students with disabilities.  To address these deficits, lead staff from the middle and high schools have been working together with AEA partners to identify key areas to target and create an action plan.  As part of this work, the team has completed data analysis including Self-Assessment of MTSS Implementation (SAMI) training with the AEA, started Universal Tier Tools Training that will continue into the summer, and attended the High School ESSA Action Plan Training.  With the assistance of Roxanne Wiles, an AEA School Improvement Consultant and our ESSA support advisor, the team has outlined a plan that will target core instruction in the areas of reading and math and identified two main goals.


Goal 1:  By January 2021, the Lead Team and staff will increase special education reading and math proficiency scores to at least state average.


Action Steps to meet this goal:

  1. Assess beliefs of staff and build consensus around MTSS (multi-tier system of support)
  2. Prioritize Building Blocks as outlined by the Department of Education and AEA.  Priorities will include: 
    1. Standards and Enacted Curriculum
    2. Instructional Practices
    3. Instructional Materials
  3. Continue to use the Universal Tier Tools Facilitation Guide


Goal 2:  By January 2021, the Lead Team and staff will have the foundational knowledge and skills to lead MTSS and provide support with a SAMI score of at least 50%. 

(Current score of 9.5%)


Action Steps to meet this goal:

  1. Complete the C4K Assessment Basics and C4K Introduction to MTSS modules provided by the AEA
  2. Complete SAMI every spring/summer to reevaluate the action plan and steps needed to make growth and implement each fall
  3. Build consensus around MTSS with all staff
  4. Communicate MTSS vision with all stakeholders
  5. Meet regularly as a leadership team


A summary of the plan was sent to our SIAC members with a request for volunteers to provide additional feedback throughout the process.  Assistance may come in the form of completing a survey, giving written feedback, or attending a meeting to discuss specific ideas.  Members were asked to contact Mr. Messinger or Mrs. Fluckey should they wish to help.  The School Board approved the plan on April 22, 2019.